The World’s Changing, and IT Must Lead the Charge

With the new normal change is inevitableThe World’s Changing, and IT Must Lead the ChargeWe’ve all felt it in one way or another: The way we live our daily lives in the world is changing in significant ways and doing so rapidly. Rather than being the exception, working and learning remotely is the new norm,… Continue reading The World’s Changing, and IT Must Lead the Charge


VMworld 2021 – 10 Recommended Sessions on VMC on AWS

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my experiences in the last physical VMworld (this was in 2018 and held in Barcelona - Spain). I also talked about this year's event and how it's the largest online event that gathers tech enthusiasts from all over the globe. In this post, I will take… Continue reading VMworld 2021 – 10 Recommended Sessions on VMC on AWS


Why VMC on AWS

When expanded, VMC on AWS stands for VMware Cloud on AWS. It refers to a solution that leverages an integration between two powerful technology platforms. They are; VMware Cloud Foundation (VMware Infrastructure stack) and AWS cloud. VMware provides the software components. This includes vSphere (for server virtualization), NSX (for network virtualization), vSAN (for storage virtualization).… Continue reading Why VMC on AWS


The Largest Virtualization-Specific Event

What is the largest virtualization-specific event you could attend pre and post-Covid? The answer is VMworld. Some of you may already be familiar with this event. You may even have attended the event physically before Covid and online during and post-covid. VMworld Barcelona 2018 VMworld is the largest virtualization-specific event that brings together experts, IT… Continue reading The Largest Virtualization-Specific Event


Configuring a Cheaper vSAN ReadyNode

vSAN ReadyNodes are great. They provide OEM (original equipment manufacturer e.g HP, Dell/EMC and Supermicro) device(s) that have been certified to run VMware vSAN. vSAN ReadyNodes provide the most flexible server options to build Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) environments that are based on VMware vSAN. Using vSAN ReadyNodes also makes it very easy to build an… Continue reading Configuring a Cheaper vSAN ReadyNode