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VMUG June Virtual Connect! (Update)

As a follow-up to one of my last posts on the June VMUG virtual connect event (I hope you’ve all registered), I got a VMUG communication today via email with the title – “Announcing Raghu Raghuram, NEW VMware CEO – ONLY at the 2021 Virtual Connect!” and I was excited. Why? Well, because I had followed the last CEO and I loved all he had done for VMware in the last few years. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there were other CEOs before him and he didn’t start the company. Pat was great and embodying the EPIC2 values and I personally felt the impact of this continent’s away.

Nevertheless, I am also excited to hear from Raghu. A lot of people I know and respect has talked about his passion and how he has successfully steered the company’s strategy and technology evolution across VMware’s rich history.

So, remember the date is the 10th of June. Be sure to register and save it in your calendar. It promises to be a blast.

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VMUG June Virtual Connect!

Over the past few months I’ve attended a lot of VMUG events. It started during the pandemic and I still try to attend these events now although its a bit difficult with my schedule.

The June Virtual Connect holding on the 10th of June is one I don’t want to miss and you shouldn’t either. Why? Cos it will be featuring a guest from Star Trek. If any one doesn’t know what that is, then “Google is your Friend”.

This guest from Star Trek who will be chairing the event is a director, producer, and actor best known for his portrayal of Commander William Riker on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”Jonathan Frakes. He will be the emcee for the event which will include amazing technical content from some of the most trusted partners in the industry. It’s a one-day, FREE event that you can attend right from your home office.

Here’s the link to register for the event. See you online.

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October Odyssey – Final Four Qualifiers

I got an email with the above subject on the 30th and I was excited and confused. Confused because I remembered that I didn’t complete the vSAN-Advanced Game lab in time. I also noticed that I was quite low on the leaderboard so I was suprised to receive this email from the VMUG Event Coordinator.

Anyway, I reached out to her and she informed me that it was an error. This confirmed that I didn’t make the cut and won’t be getting the Sonos Speaker I so hope for. 🙁

Oh, well…on to the next thing.


I got this in the mail today. Awesome

It’s a Fleece Jacket from Patagonia branded with VMware, Intel, and the VMUG October Odyssey 2020 logo. This almost feels better than getting the Sonos speaker. Maybe cos it was unexpected.

See you in the next one…

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Congratulations! VMUG October Odyssey Round 1!

Amazing! I made it through the first round.

I got the mail from the VMUG president, Steve Athanas

On behalf of the VMUG team and VMware Odyssey Hands-On Lab, thank you for participating in our opening round of our 2020 October Odyssey Tournament! We all appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed the evening and had some fun while learning something new along the way!

I would like to be the first to congratulate you as one of our official October Odyssey – Sweet 16 Participants! With your time in last night’s lab, you have qualified for the official tournament and a chance at prizes and the title of October Odyssey Champion!

So excited. I’m even more excited to see my name on the tournament board.

The next round is on the 21st of October and the lab for that round is Horizon – Getting Started.

Fingers crossed!

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VMUG October Odyssey Tournament

With the pandemic in full swing everywhere, I decided to get more active with the VMUG community. I enjoyed the varying topics presented in different webinars. I also especially like the freebies. What can I say I love Awooff! 😀

Anyway, I found out about the October Odyssey Tournament and was excited about the opportunity to win some exciting prizes.

I wasn’t excited about the 1st prize though which was a Millennium Falcon Lego Set. I figured it will be exciting to build this set but having toddlers, all I could see was 7541 pieces that could cause a choking hazard. My eye was on the Sonos Speaker.

The first round of VMUG’s inaugural October Odyssey is tomorrow night.

Let’s see how it goes!